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UNIT 5 – Sample test

I.    Read the text and answer the questions.

Internet shopping- how to get the best deal.

Internet shopping is becoming more popular every day. Some men like it because they hate going to shops. And, although many women love walking around shops and trying on clothes, they too are changing their shopping habits, and buying on-line. For one thing, they realize that the best prices are to be found on the internet. And shopping on-line means you don’t have to park the car, which is very helpful when car parks can be expensive.

There are other advantages, too. Nobody tries to sell you something you don’t want to buy, and you never meet an impolite shop assistant in an on-line shop. Sometimes badly designed websites can be annoying to use, but most sights are well thought out, making internet shopping a relaxing and pleasant experience.

  1. Why do some men like internet shopping?
  2. What do women like about going shopping?
  3. Are things more expensive on the Internet?
  4. Name two advantages of on-line shopping.
  5. What can make your internet shopping experience relaxing and pleasant?
  6. Do all men hate going to the shops?

II.     Transform the sentences from active to passive.

  1. Shakespeare wrote “Hamlet”.
  2. People play basketball in our country.
  3. An Englishman has visited me.
  4. Somebody is building a garage here.
  5. They took the man to hospital.
  6. People can buy souvenirs in this shop.
  7. They won’t make a cake.
  8. People will drive more cars in the future.
  9. They might delay the train to Oxford.
  10. You must buy tickets before you get on the bus.

III.    Combine the sentences using who or which.

  1. That’s the woman. She plays the clarinet.
  2. I loved the smell of flowers. You sent them to me.
  3. Did you like the CD? I lent you the CD.
  4. That’s the man. He bought my house.
  5. She’s got a car. It goes at more than 220 km an hour.
  6. The tribes invaded England. The tribes were called the Anglo-Saxons.
  7. The girl is in my class. We saw her in town.

IV.    Complete with prepositions.

  1. I saw him ____Sunday.
  2. We arrived ____London ____2 o’clock.
  3. The bird is ____ the tree.
  4. _____Christmas day my grandma wakes up _____dawn.
  5. I want to go _____ a walk.

V.   Fill in: UNIT 5, Lessons: A, B, C, D.

 lamb       backpacker       precious       heating     avalanche       change

language    currency     electronically     harbour      deposit    express

1. When you want to buy things in another country, you need to use foreign ______.
2. Gold and silver are _____ metals; they are worth a lot.
3. The modern way to buy things is to pay _____ using credit or debit cards instead of money.
4. The ______ train to Edinburgh only takes six hours.
5. Is there a direct train to Paris or do you have to_______?
6. A_______ is a young tourist without much money.
7. A_______ is the first payment of the whole price.
8. A _______ is a baby sheep.
9. Turn down the ______ . It’s too hot in here.
10. The story of English _______ began in the fifth century.

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