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I.  Complete with question words.

  1. ____________ radio station are you listening to?
  2. ____________ have you been waiting for the bus?
  3. ____________ were you talking to outside school?
  4. ____________ tall are you?
  5. ____________ were you doing yesterday at 7 pm?
  6. ____________ sandwiches have you got in your bag?
  7. ____________ do you  usually get up?

II.  Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

  1. songs/ his/ does/ own/ he/ write?
  2. cause/ problems/ what/ does/ TV?
  3. channels/ your/ which/ are/ favourite/ TV?
  4. often/go/shopping/you/do/ How?
  5. musical/a/play/you/can/instrument?
  6. use/ internet/this/going/are/to/you/the/evening?

III.  Put the phrasal verbs in gerund or infinitive form.

pick up     throw away     turn down        look up        look after

  1. I don’t want to ______________ my old jeans. They aren’t torn.
  2. Would you mind _____________ the volume? It’s too loud.
  3. Could you ______________ the phone, please?
  4. I’m not interested in _______________ dogs.
  5. Why don’t you _____________ that word in the dictionary?

IV.  Put the verbs in Past Perfect or Past Simple Tense.

  1. By the time I _______________ (arrive), everyone _______________ (leave)!
  2. Steve________________(already/see) the film, so he ________________( not come) with us to the cinema.
  3. Tina ______________(not finish) doing the housework by seven o’clock, so she ______________(call) Andrea to tell her she would be late.
  4. The car _____________(break) down, just after we ________________(set off).
  5. I ___________________ (not eat) anything at the party because I ________________(already/eat) at home.

V.  Write questions for the underlined words.

  1. I was born in London.
  2. The film starts at 7.30.
  3. I’ve been to the USA three times.
  4. I bought the red car.
  5. I’ve had this job for five years.
  6. He can speak Russian and French.
  7. We have English twice a week.
  8. I ate two sandwiches.
  9. Yes, I’m listening to you.
  10.  Jane’s talking to Mary.

VI.   Jobs

  1. I test perfumes. I’m a __________________.
  2. I sell books. I’m a ____________________.
  3. I walk dogs. I’m a ____________________.
  4. I direct films. I’m a ___________________.
  5. I repair electrical things. I’m an ________________.
  6. I take pictures. I’m a _____________________.
  7. I act small parts in movies I’m a __________________.

VII.  Vocabulary

desktop        download        brushes        busiest         customers             polite    sweeping       fingerprints              jealous           jobs           potato            violent

  1. I’m not a couch ________________. I rarely watch TV.
  2. The police found his ________________ on the gun.
  3. We need an assistant on Saturdays. It’s the ______________ day of the week.
  4. Have you got a laptop or a __________________?
  5. The job includes _______________ the floors.
  6. Assistants must help the _________________ pack their shopping.
  7. A waiter must be _______________.
  8. British teenagers often have part-time _________________.
  9. A hairdresser’s assistant must clean combs and _______________.
  10.  Do you think we should ban ___________________ films on TV?


Unit 4 Test – Key

  1. Which
  2. How long
  3. Who
  4. How
  5. What
  6. How many
  7. When


  1. Does he write his own songs?
  2. What problems does TV cause?
  3. Which are your favourite TV channels?
  4. How often do you go shopping?
  5. Can you play a musical instrument?
  6. Are you going to use the Internet this evening?


  1. throw away
  2. turning down
  3. pick up
  4. looking after
  5. look up


  1. arrived, had left
  2. had already seen, didn’t come
  3. hadn’t finished, called
  4. broke down, had set off
  5. didn’t eat, had already eaten


  1. Where were you born?
  2. When/ What time does the film start?
  3. How many times have you been to the USA?
  4. Which car did you buy?
  5. How long have you had this job?
  6. Which languages can he speak?
  7. How often do you have English?
  8. How many sandwiches did you eat?
  9. Are you listening to me?
  10.  Who is Jane talking to?


  1. perfume tester
  2. book seller
  3. dog walker
  4. film director
  5. electrician
  6. photographer
  7. film extra


  1. potato
  2. fingerprints
  3. busiest
  4. desktop
  5. sweeping
  6. customers
  7. polite
  8. jobs
  9. brushes
  10.  violent





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