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UNIT 6 – Sample test

                                                       Unit 6 sample test


I      Put the verbs in the correct form.

run out of        break up       get over      give up      fall out

  1. My mum has _____________ smoking and she is much healthier.
  2. I _____________ with my best friend yesterday.
  3. We’ve ______________milk. I must buy some.
  4. Poor Sandy, she’s just ______________with her boyfriend.
  5. I’ll never ____________losing my new watch.

II     Report requests and commands.

  1. Teacher to me:  Switch on the lights, please.
  2. She to him: Put you T-shirt in the wardrobe!
  3. He to us:  Don’t take the 7.15 train.
  4. The teacher to us: Open your books, please.
  5. Jack to Daisy: Take your dog for a walk.

III    Report the statements.

  1. Beth:  I usually see Bob on my way to school.

Beth  says….

  1. Gina:  I’ll phone you.

Gina said…

  1. Tim: I don’t want to leave all my friends.

Tim says…

  1. Alice: I’m in trouble again.

Alice said…

  1. Max:  We’re going to a pop concert this evening.

Max said….

IV     Change indirect speech into direct.

  1. Kate said she needed it for her lesson today.

Kate: ……..

  1. Fred said that they played football, but he preferred rugby.


  1. Sue said she would phone me later.


  1. Alice said she didn’t like her new dress.


  1. Max said they weren’t going to the cinema that night.


V      Report the questions.

  1. Where are you going? He wants to know…
  2. What time did the film start? He asks….
  3. Did you have a good time?   He wants to know……
  4. Will you wait for me, Laura?  She wants to know…..
  5. Where did you buy this watch? He wants to know….

V      Complete with said   or  told.

  1. She _________she was going to the cinema.
  2. Jo _______________me where you were last night.
  3. The teacher _____________we had to finish our project tomorrow.
  4. I never believed anything he __________me.
  5. She never believed anything he ____________.

VI   Write the words.

 illegal          boycott             demonstration       arrested         protect      stab         judge     society                    elected                 disguise                leaflets
  1. Barack Obama became  the first black person to be ____________president of the USA.
  2. _____________means not allowed by law.
  3. I picked up some _____________advertising a new club.
  4. I came to the ball in ______________ and nobody recognized me.
  5. The ____________sentenced the man to 3 years in prison.
  6. To _____________means  not to use something as a protest.
  7. To save something from damage means to __________it.
  8. _______________ is a protest in the street.
  9. To be held by the police means to be _______________.
  10. Children in ____________countries are exploited.




  1. given up
  2. fell out
  3. run out of
  4. broken up
  5. get over



  1. The teacher asked me  to switch on the lights.
  2. She told him to put his T-shirt in the wardrobe.
  3. He told us not to take the 7.15 train.
  4. The teacher asked us to open our books.
  5. Jack told Daisy to take her dog for a walk.




  1. (that) she usually sees Bob on her way to school.
  2. (that) she would/ she’d phone me.
  3. (that) he doesn’t want to leave all his friends.
  4. (that) she was in trouble again.
  5. (that) they were going to a pop concert that evening.



  1. I need it for my lesson today.
  2. We play football, but I prefer rugby.
  3. I’ll/ I will phone you later.
  4. I don’t like my new dress.
  5. We aren’t going to the cinema tonight.




  1. …what I am doing.
  2. …what time the film started.
  3. … if we had a good time.
  4. …if Laura will wait for her.
  5. …where I bought this watch.



  1. said
  2. told
  3. said
  4. told
  5. said



  1. elected
  2. Illegal
  3. leaflets
  4. disguise
  5. judge
  6. boycott
  7. protect
  8. demonstration
  9. arrested
  10. developing





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UNIT 5 – Sample test

I.    Read the text and answer the questions.

Internet shopping- how to get the best deal.

Internet shopping is becoming more popular every day. Some men like it because they hate going to shops. And, although many women love walking around shops and trying on clothes, they too are changing their shopping habits, and buying on-line. For one thing, they realize that the best prices are to be found on the internet. And shopping on-line means you don’t have to park the car, which is very helpful when car parks can be expensive.

There are other advantages, too. Nobody tries to sell you something you don’t want to buy, and you never meet an impolite shop assistant in an on-line shop. Sometimes badly designed websites can be annoying to use, but most sights are well thought out, making internet shopping a relaxing and pleasant experience.

  1. Why do some men like internet shopping?
  2. What do women like about going shopping?
  3. Are things more expensive on the Internet?
  4. Name two advantages of on-line shopping.
  5. What can make your internet shopping experience relaxing and pleasant?
  6. Do all men hate going to the shops?

II.     Transform the sentences from active to passive.

  1. Shakespeare wrote “Hamlet”.
  2. People play basketball in our country.
  3. An Englishman has visited me.
  4. Somebody is building a garage here.
  5. They took the man to hospital.
  6. People can buy souvenirs in this shop.
  7. They won’t make a cake.
  8. People will drive more cars in the future.
  9. They might delay the train to Oxford.
  10. You must buy tickets before you get on the bus.

III.    Combine the sentences using who or which.

  1. That’s the woman. She plays the clarinet.
  2. I loved the smell of flowers. You sent them to me.
  3. Did you like the CD? I lent you the CD.
  4. That’s the man. He bought my house.
  5. She’s got a car. It goes at more than 220 km an hour.
  6. The tribes invaded England. The tribes were called the Anglo-Saxons.
  7. The girl is in my class. We saw her in town.

IV.    Complete with prepositions.

  1. I saw him ____Sunday.
  2. We arrived ____London ____2 o’clock.
  3. The bird is ____ the tree.
  4. _____Christmas day my grandma wakes up _____dawn.
  5. I want to go _____ a walk.

V.   Fill in: UNIT 5, Lessons: A, B, C, D.

 lamb       backpacker       precious       heating     avalanche       change

language    currency     electronically     harbour      deposit    express

1. When you want to buy things in another country, you need to use foreign ______.
2. Gold and silver are _____ metals; they are worth a lot.
3. The modern way to buy things is to pay _____ using credit or debit cards instead of money.
4. The ______ train to Edinburgh only takes six hours.
5. Is there a direct train to Paris or do you have to_______?
6. A_______ is a young tourist without much money.
7. A_______ is the first payment of the whole price.
8. A _______ is a baby sheep.
9. Turn down the ______ . It’s too hot in here.
10. The story of English _______ began in the fifth century.

Категорије:8. Разред, Unit 5



I.  Complete with question words.

  1. ____________ radio station are you listening to?
  2. ____________ have you been waiting for the bus?
  3. ____________ were you talking to outside school?
  4. ____________ tall are you?
  5. ____________ were you doing yesterday at 7 pm?
  6. ____________ sandwiches have you got in your bag?
  7. ____________ do you  usually get up?

II.  Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

  1. songs/ his/ does/ own/ he/ write?
  2. cause/ problems/ what/ does/ TV?
  3. channels/ your/ which/ are/ favourite/ TV?
  4. often/go/shopping/you/do/ How?
  5. musical/a/play/you/can/instrument?
  6. use/ internet/this/going/are/to/you/the/evening?

III.  Put the phrasal verbs in gerund or infinitive form.

pick up     throw away     turn down        look up        look after

  1. I don’t want to ______________ my old jeans. They aren’t torn.
  2. Would you mind _____________ the volume? It’s too loud.
  3. Could you ______________ the phone, please?
  4. I’m not interested in _______________ dogs.
  5. Why don’t you _____________ that word in the dictionary?

IV.  Put the verbs in Past Perfect or Past Simple Tense.

  1. By the time I _______________ (arrive), everyone _______________ (leave)!
  2. Steve________________(already/see) the film, so he ________________( not come) with us to the cinema.
  3. Tina ______________(not finish) doing the housework by seven o’clock, so she ______________(call) Andrea to tell her she would be late.
  4. The car _____________(break) down, just after we ________________(set off).
  5. I ___________________ (not eat) anything at the party because I ________________(already/eat) at home.

V.  Write questions for the underlined words.

  1. I was born in London.
  2. The film starts at 7.30.
  3. I’ve been to the USA three times.
  4. I bought the red car.
  5. I’ve had this job for five years.
  6. He can speak Russian and French.
  7. We have English twice a week.
  8. I ate two sandwiches.
  9. Yes, I’m listening to you.
  10.  Jane’s talking to Mary.

VI.   Jobs

  1. I test perfumes. I’m a __________________.
  2. I sell books. I’m a ____________________.
  3. I walk dogs. I’m a ____________________.
  4. I direct films. I’m a ___________________.
  5. I repair electrical things. I’m an ________________.
  6. I take pictures. I’m a _____________________.
  7. I act small parts in movies I’m a __________________.

VII.  Vocabulary

desktop        download        brushes        busiest         customers             polite    sweeping       fingerprints              jealous           jobs           potato            violent

  1. I’m not a couch ________________. I rarely watch TV.
  2. The police found his ________________ on the gun.
  3. We need an assistant on Saturdays. It’s the ______________ day of the week.
  4. Have you got a laptop or a __________________?
  5. The job includes _______________ the floors.
  6. Assistants must help the _________________ pack their shopping.
  7. A waiter must be _______________.
  8. British teenagers often have part-time _________________.
  9. A hairdresser’s assistant must clean combs and _______________.
  10.  Do you think we should ban ___________________ films on TV?


Unit 4 Test – Key

  1. Which
  2. How long
  3. Who
  4. How
  5. What
  6. How many
  7. When


  1. Does he write his own songs?
  2. What problems does TV cause?
  3. Which are your favourite TV channels?
  4. How often do you go shopping?
  5. Can you play a musical instrument?
  6. Are you going to use the Internet this evening?


  1. throw away
  2. turning down
  3. pick up
  4. looking after
  5. look up


  1. arrived, had left
  2. had already seen, didn’t come
  3. hadn’t finished, called
  4. broke down, had set off
  5. didn’t eat, had already eaten


  1. Where were you born?
  2. When/ What time does the film start?
  3. How many times have you been to the USA?
  4. Which car did you buy?
  5. How long have you had this job?
  6. Which languages can he speak?
  7. How often do you have English?
  8. How many sandwiches did you eat?
  9. Are you listening to me?
  10.  Who is Jane talking to?


  1. perfume tester
  2. book seller
  3. dog walker
  4. film director
  5. electrician
  6. photographer
  7. film extra


  1. potato
  2. fingerprints
  3. busiest
  4. desktop
  5. sweeping
  6. customers
  7. polite
  8. jobs
  9. brushes
  10.  violent





Категорије:Unit 4


I) Put the words in the correct order to make questions with would:        ___/5

1. the-you-would-guitar-play-lead? ______________________________________________________________________

2. you-do-still-nothing-would-and-sit? ______________________________________________________________________

3. by-would-travel-plane-you? ______________________________________________________________________

4. like-drink-would-to-something-you? ______________________________________________________________________

5. him-birthday- you-would-your-invite-to? ______________________________________________________________________

II) Second conditional:     ___/5

1. If I ____________________ (have) a cat, I ____________________ (call) her Molly.

2. You ____________________ (not like) the countryside if you ____________________ (live) there.

3. Max’s parents ____________________ (buy) a bigger car if they____________________ (have) more money.

4. Celia ____________________ (not be) so tired if she ____________________ (not go out) every night.

5. How long ____________________ (you/wait) for someone if they ____________________ (be) late?


III) Transform the sentences. Use second conditional:      ___/5

1. Andrew is such a boring person because he talks about himself all the time..


2. I can’t look the word up because I haven’t got a dictionary.


3. Don’t drink that! But, I’m not you.

I _____________________________________________________________________

4. Greg can’t call me because the phone battery is dead.


5. I want to leave school, but my parents will be angry.

My ___________________________________________________________________


IV) Join the sentences. Use so…that:      ___/5

1. The earthquake was strong. It caused a tsunami.


2. Temperatures would be low. Nothing would grow.


3. 1816 was cold. People called it “the year without a summer”.


4. There would be much ash. It would block out the sun.


5. There was much dust in the atmosphere. People didn’t see the sun for weeks.




V) Use the correct form of the words in brackets:      __/5

1. The _______________ of a volcano in Iceland created a new island. (erupt)

2. The _______________ of the new film is underway. (produce)

3. Cobras are _______________ snakes. (poison)

4. Avoid people with _______________ diseases or you could get them too. (infection)

5. This test is _______________. (ease)


VI)     ___/4

Subject pronoun Object pronoun Reflexive pronoun




you (plural)


VII) Complete with the appropriate object or reflexive pronoun:       ___/6          


Tom and Susan are  friends. He met _______________ (1. Susan) last year. Last month they had an accident. A car hit ______________(2. they) on the road. They didn’t hear _____________

(3. the car), because Susan was singing very loudly. She blamed ________________ (4. she) for the accident. Luckily, they’re OK now and they are enjoying _______________ (5. they) on the beach. Tom is windsurfing and Susan is watching ______________(6. he)


VIII) Articles a, an, the, / :    ___/5

1. Who is _______________ best player in your team?

2. I don’t watch _______________ television very often.

3. Is there _______________ bank near here?

4. I don’t like_______________ winter.

5. He’s _______________ MTV presenter.


IX) Fill in:       UNIT 3, LESSONS: A, B, C, D          ___/10                   


diseases       dye       lava       impatient       startled       raw       bite       craters            

tattoo                 that’s a good idea           sting                          dust

1. I don’t like ______________________________ eggs. I like them boiled.

2. Would you ______________________________ your hair black and white?

3. There are many _____________________________ on the surface of the Moon.

4. We can cure a lot of ______________________________ today, but there are still many that kill millions of people every year.

5. You should clean your table. There’s so much______________________________ on it.

6. A bee can______________________________ you.

7. Don’t touch that dog. It could ______________________________ you.

8. He was______________________________ because he doesn’t like waiting.

9. I don’t think ______________________________.

10. ______________________________, Frank looked up and saw the bus driver.










1. Would you play the lead guitar?

2. Would you sit still and do nothing?

3. Would you travel by plane?

4. Would you like something to drink?

5. Would you invite him to your birthday?



  1. If I had a cat, I would call her Molly.

2. You wouldn’t like the countryside if you lived there.

3. Max’s parents would buy a bigger car if they had more money.

4. Celia wouldn’t be so tired if she didn’t go out every night.

5. How long would you wait for someone if they were late?


1. Andrew wouldn’t be such a boring person if he didn’t work all the time.

2. If I had a dictionary, I would look the word up.

3. I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.

4. If the phone battery wasn’tdead, Greg would call me.

5. My parents would be angry if I left school.



1. The earthquake was so strong that it caused a tsunami.

2. Temperatures would be so low that nothing would grow.

3. 1816 was so cold that people called it “the year without a summer”.

4. There would be so much ash that it would block out the sun.

5. There was so much dust in the atmosphere that people didn’t see the sun for weeks.


1. eruption       2. production       3. poisonous       4. infectious      5. easy


Subject pronoun Object pronoun Reflexive pronoun










you (plural)




1. her  2. them            3. it                  4. herself             5. themselves        6. him



1. the               2. /                   3. a                  4. /                   5. an


1. raw            2. dye              3. craters               4. diseases                5. dust

6. sting          7. bite                8.  impatient         9. that’s a good idea          10. startled

Категорије:Unit 3



I) Read the text and answer the questions:

Prague is a city in the west central part of the Czech Republic and is the capital and largest city of the country. It is situated on both sides of the Vltava River. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful capitals in Europe, with a population of nearly 1,300,000. It is also an educational and cultural centre – it has the oldest university in central Europe, Charles University, which was founded in 1348. The city also has many museums, libraries, and theatres. Since 1989, Prague has become a very popular tourist destination.

            The Old Town, which was built in the 13th century, is the main tourist attraction. The New Town is where all the public buildings, shops and banks are. On the western side of the river is the part of the city called the Lesser Town, with a number of baroque palaces and Hradcany Castle, where the President of the Czech Republic lives. Next to the castle is the Church of Saint Vitus.

            In the past, Prague was the capital of Bohemia and during the 14th century became the largest European city after Paris. It was damaged during several wars and changed hands many times until it became the capital of the independent Czech Republic in January 1993.

1. Where is the Vltava River?

2. How many people live in Prague?

3. What’s the most famous university called?

4. What places are there for tourists to visit?

5. What happened in the 13th century?

6. What can you find in the New Town?

7. Who lives in Hradcany Castle?


II) Write the dates:

1/1                   14/4                 8/5                   30/6                 5/12

III)  Write in, on or at :                                                                   

1.  _____ January

2. _____  noon

3. ______Monday

4.  ______ Christmas

5.  ______ New Year’s Day

IV    Complete with the appropriate verb form.

1.   If I __________ (go) shopping on Saturday, I __________(buy) a new dress.

2.  If the weather ________ (be) good at the weekend, we _________ (take) a hike.

3.  She __________(be) very unhappy, if the bullies _________(call) her names.

4.  If it ____________(not stop) raining, Jack _________(stay) indoors.

5.  We ____________(miss) the bus, if you ________(not hurry).


V) Future time:

1. This time next month, I (lie) on the beach.

2. A: You’ve just missed the last train.

B: Never mind. I (walk).

3. I (play) bridge tonight with Tom and Ann.

4. I (light) a fire because it’s very cold.

5. I’m hungry. I (eat) a huge meal tonight.

6. It’s a serious injury, but he (walk) again in six weeks.

7. A: Why have you put those bags in the car?

  B: I (drive) my dad to the airport tonight.

8. I think the world (be) a better place.


VI) Fill in:UNIT 2, Lessons: A, B, C, D,

                   Extra Success D

panel      arrangement      slap      competitors     weightlifting      blue     shake off            straightaway     town hall          ought to      production    shopping mall


1. There are lots of shops here. A __

2. The local government is here. The __

3. If you feel__, it means that you’re unhappy or sad.

4. The body clock controls the __ of hormones.

5. __ means at once, immediately.

6. I made an__ to go swimming with a friend.

7. All the__ say they are going to work as hard as they can to win.

8. Each week they will be judged by a __ of experts and given a score.

9. __ means the same as should.

10. If you want to do some heavy exercise, like aerobics or__, you should do it at 6pm because your energy level is high.


KEY                                                                     TOTAL: 40 POINTS

I)         1. In the middle of Prague.

2. Nearly 1,300,000.

3. Charles University.

4. Museums, Hradcany Castle, Church of Saint Vitus

5. The Old Town was built.

6. Public buildings, shops and banks.

7. The President.



II)        1. the first of January   2. the fourteenth of April  3.  the eighth of May  4.   the thirtieth of June

5. the fifth of December

III)      1. in     2. at     3. on     4. at      5. on    6. in


IV)      1. go, will buy (‘ll buy)

2. is, will take (‘ll take)

3. will be (‘ll be), call

4. doesn’t stop, will stay

5. will miss (‘ll miss), don’t hurry

V)        1. This time next month, I’ll be lying on the beach.

2. A: You’ve just missed the last train.

B: Never mind. I’ll walk.

3. I’m playing/I’m going to play bridge tonight with Tom and Ann.

4. I’m going to light a fire because it’s very cold.

5. I’m hungry. I’m going to eat a huge meal tonight.

6. It’s a serious injury, but he’ll be walking again in six weeks.

7.  A: Why have you put those bags in the car?

               B: I‘m driving my dad to the airport tonight.

8. I think the world will be a better place.



VI)      1. shopping mall     2. town hall     3. blue     4. production     5. straightaway

6. arrangement     7. competitors     8. panel     9. ought to     10. weightlifting

Категорије:8. Разред, Unit 2 Ознаке:



I)    Put the verbs in Present Simple or Present Continuous tense.

     Welcome to the football  match between Wales and France.

The two teams _____________ (come) out onto the pitch now. The Welsh players ________________ (wear) red and white, and the French players _____________( wear) blue. The French ________________ (look) the stronger team, but they _____________usually ____________ (play) well here in Cardiff. There are a lot of Welsh fans here today and the players ________________ (wave) to them. The fans ______________ (sing) Welsh songs. Everyone ____________ (like) music in Wales.

I ______________ ( think) it’s going to be a great match!


II)    Put the verbs in the Past Simple or Past Continuous tense.

As we ____________( come) here a policeman ______________(stop) us.  He  _______________ (say) that he ______________ (look) for some stolen property and ____________ (ask) if he could search the car. I ______________ (not like) the idea because the children ______________(sleep) in the back, but I _______________ (not complain.

III)    Put the verbs in the Past Simple or the Present Perfect tense.

John:    Hi, Dave. ________________( you, enjoy) the England match yesterday?

Dave:  Yes, I did. ___________________(you, ever, be) to an international match?

John:   No. I _________________(see) them on TV lots of times. How           ______________ (you, get) the tickets?

Dave:   Somebody at work _________________(give) them to my dad last week.


Clare:    Hi, Matty. I love your bag. How long _________________ (you, have) it?

Matty:   Thanks. I ________________ (buy) it a couple of days ago. It ___________ (not be) expensive.


IV)     Write a, an or the where necessary.

1.    _________ amazing thing happened to me yesterday.

2.    Einstein left Germany and lived in ________ States until he died in 1955.

3.    Generally speaking, _________boys are physically stronger than girls.

4.    Bill enjoys reading ________  mystery novels.

5.    He is ______ really good person.

6.    ________ girl that I told you about is standing over there.

7.    I like ______ acting.

8.    Come in, please, and shut _____  door.

V)      Write the opposites of the adjectives.

cheerful          ________________      tall                __________________

mean               ________________       horrible        __________________

overweight      _________________     handsome    ___________________

funny              _________________      plain             __________________

VII) Fill in: UNIT 1, LESSONS: A, B, C, D                                                          


torn       exchange       gorgeous       cracked       verbal       dead       expelled           flat                 funny             honest           heart-broken        overweight

1. My bike light doesn’t work. The battery’s ______________________________.

2. The engine’s making a ______________________________ noise.

3. You can’t ride a bike with _____________________________ tyres.

4. She looked ______________________________ in her wedding dress. She was so beautiful.

5. My dad’s______________________________. He has to go on a diet.

6. I had to wear my jacket, because my shirt was______________________________.

7. In the end, the bullies were ______________________________from school.

8. A: Would you like to______________________________ that DVD?

B: No. Could I have a refund, please?

9. John was ______________________________when his pet dog died.

10. The opposite of physical is ______________________________.






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