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Unit 5 test

I     Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1.    Abel Talisman discovered Australia in in the latre 17th century.
2.    They used Australia as a prison at first.
3.    Poisonous snakes and spiders bite several people every year.
4.    People find gold and diamonds in Australia.
5.    Typhoons bring half the rain in Japan.
6.    They will build a new bridge over the river.
7.    She has sold her computer.
8.    They didn’t find their dog.
9.    Over 750 people have received Nobel Prizes.
10.    Ships transport over 80% of goods.

II   Answer the questions.

1.    What is  drought?
2.    What is deforestation?
3.    Who is the Golden Dolphin award for?
4.    What do the hunters do with bear cubs?
5.    How does Rosy feel in the last episode of Kids? Why?

III  Complete with the correct passive forms.

1.    Last year the prize _______________ (give) to Professor Wise.
2.    Bears __________________ ( hunt) for their fur.
3.    People who help the animals ______________________(award) next year.
4.    The criminal _______________(catch) by the police yeaterday.
5.    The crocodile ________________ (kill) to make shoes and handbags.

IV   Complete with the words given. Use TEN  words.
 atmosphere       release        butterflies         extinct         destroy      shaking          
            replace                  pounding                     jelly                  waste               hibernate             orphan

1.    My legs feel like  _________________.
2.    I’ve got _________________ in my stomach.
3.    My heart’s __________________.
4.    My hands are __________________.
5.    Cars ______________ harmful gases.
6.    You nearly can’t find a brown bear in  Europe. They’re almost _______________
7.    If you drive too fast you ______________ a lot of petrol.
8.    A child without parents is called an _________________.
9.    To sleep during the winter means to _________________.
10.    The criminals wanted to _____________ the real award with a fake.

V    Irregular verbs