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UNIT 6 – Sample test

                                                       Unit 6 sample test


I      Put the verbs in the correct form.

run out of        break up       get over      give up      fall out

  1. My mum has _____________ smoking and she is much healthier.
  2. I _____________ with my best friend yesterday.
  3. We’ve ______________milk. I must buy some.
  4. Poor Sandy, she’s just ______________with her boyfriend.
  5. I’ll never ____________losing my new watch.

II     Report requests and commands.

  1. Teacher to me:  Switch on the lights, please.
  2. She to him: Put you T-shirt in the wardrobe!
  3. He to us:  Don’t take the 7.15 train.
  4. The teacher to us: Open your books, please.
  5. Jack to Daisy: Take your dog for a walk.

III    Report the statements.

  1. Beth:  I usually see Bob on my way to school.

Beth  says….

  1. Gina:  I’ll phone you.

Gina said…

  1. Tim: I don’t want to leave all my friends.

Tim says…

  1. Alice: I’m in trouble again.

Alice said…

  1. Max:  We’re going to a pop concert this evening.

Max said….

IV     Change indirect speech into direct.

  1. Kate said she needed it for her lesson today.

Kate: ……..

  1. Fred said that they played football, but he preferred rugby.


  1. Sue said she would phone me later.


  1. Alice said she didn’t like her new dress.


  1. Max said they weren’t going to the cinema that night.


V      Report the questions.

  1. Where are you going? He wants to know…
  2. What time did the film start? He asks….
  3. Did you have a good time?   He wants to know……
  4. Will you wait for me, Laura?  She wants to know…..
  5. Where did you buy this watch? He wants to know….

V      Complete with said   or  told.

  1. She _________she was going to the cinema.
  2. Jo _______________me where you were last night.
  3. The teacher _____________we had to finish our project tomorrow.
  4. I never believed anything he __________me.
  5. She never believed anything he ____________.

VI   Write the words.

 illegal          boycott             demonstration       arrested         protect      stab         judge     society                    elected                 disguise                leaflets
  1. Barack Obama became  the first black person to be ____________president of the USA.
  2. _____________means not allowed by law.
  3. I picked up some _____________advertising a new club.
  4. I came to the ball in ______________ and nobody recognized me.
  5. The ____________sentenced the man to 3 years in prison.
  6. To _____________means  not to use something as a protest.
  7. To save something from damage means to __________it.
  8. _______________ is a protest in the street.
  9. To be held by the police means to be _______________.
  10. Children in ____________countries are exploited.




  1. given up
  2. fell out
  3. run out of
  4. broken up
  5. get over



  1. The teacher asked me  to switch on the lights.
  2. She told him to put his T-shirt in the wardrobe.
  3. He told us not to take the 7.15 train.
  4. The teacher asked us to open our books.
  5. Jack told Daisy to take her dog for a walk.




  1. (that) she usually sees Bob on her way to school.
  2. (that) she would/ she’d phone me.
  3. (that) he doesn’t want to leave all his friends.
  4. (that) she was in trouble again.
  5. (that) they were going to a pop concert that evening.



  1. I need it for my lesson today.
  2. We play football, but I prefer rugby.
  3. I’ll/ I will phone you later.
  4. I don’t like my new dress.
  5. We aren’t going to the cinema tonight.




  1. …what I am doing.
  2. …what time the film started.
  3. … if we had a good time.
  4. …if Laura will wait for her.
  5. …where I bought this watch.



  1. said
  2. told
  3. said
  4. told
  5. said



  1. elected
  2. Illegal
  3. leaflets
  4. disguise
  5. judge
  6. boycott
  7. protect
  8. demonstration
  9. arrested
  10. developing





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