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I) Put the words in the correct order to make questions with would:        ___/5

1. the-you-would-guitar-play-lead? ______________________________________________________________________

2. you-do-still-nothing-would-and-sit? ______________________________________________________________________

3. by-would-travel-plane-you? ______________________________________________________________________

4. like-drink-would-to-something-you? ______________________________________________________________________

5. him-birthday- you-would-your-invite-to? ______________________________________________________________________

II) Second conditional:     ___/5

1. If I ____________________ (have) a cat, I ____________________ (call) her Molly.

2. You ____________________ (not like) the countryside if you ____________________ (live) there.

3. Max’s parents ____________________ (buy) a bigger car if they____________________ (have) more money.

4. Celia ____________________ (not be) so tired if she ____________________ (not go out) every night.

5. How long ____________________ (you/wait) for someone if they ____________________ (be) late?


III) Transform the sentences. Use second conditional:      ___/5

1. Andrew is such a boring person because he talks about himself all the time..


2. I can’t look the word up because I haven’t got a dictionary.


3. Don’t drink that! But, I’m not you.

I _____________________________________________________________________

4. Greg can’t call me because the phone battery is dead.


5. I want to leave school, but my parents will be angry.

My ___________________________________________________________________


IV) Join the sentences. Use so…that:      ___/5

1. The earthquake was strong. It caused a tsunami.


2. Temperatures would be low. Nothing would grow.


3. 1816 was cold. People called it “the year without a summer”.


4. There would be much ash. It would block out the sun.


5. There was much dust in the atmosphere. People didn’t see the sun for weeks.




V) Use the correct form of the words in brackets:      __/5

1. The _______________ of a volcano in Iceland created a new island. (erupt)

2. The _______________ of the new film is underway. (produce)

3. Cobras are _______________ snakes. (poison)

4. Avoid people with _______________ diseases or you could get them too. (infection)

5. This test is _______________. (ease)


VI)     ___/4

Subject pronoun Object pronoun Reflexive pronoun




you (plural)


VII) Complete with the appropriate object or reflexive pronoun:       ___/6          


Tom and Susan are  friends. He met _______________ (1. Susan) last year. Last month they had an accident. A car hit ______________(2. they) on the road. They didn’t hear _____________

(3. the car), because Susan was singing very loudly. She blamed ________________ (4. she) for the accident. Luckily, they’re OK now and they are enjoying _______________ (5. they) on the beach. Tom is windsurfing and Susan is watching ______________(6. he)


VIII) Articles a, an, the, / :    ___/5

1. Who is _______________ best player in your team?

2. I don’t watch _______________ television very often.

3. Is there _______________ bank near here?

4. I don’t like_______________ winter.

5. He’s _______________ MTV presenter.


IX) Fill in:       UNIT 3, LESSONS: A, B, C, D          ___/10                   


diseases       dye       lava       impatient       startled       raw       bite       craters            

tattoo                 that’s a good idea           sting                          dust

1. I don’t like ______________________________ eggs. I like them boiled.

2. Would you ______________________________ your hair black and white?

3. There are many _____________________________ on the surface of the Moon.

4. We can cure a lot of ______________________________ today, but there are still many that kill millions of people every year.

5. You should clean your table. There’s so much______________________________ on it.

6. A bee can______________________________ you.

7. Don’t touch that dog. It could ______________________________ you.

8. He was______________________________ because he doesn’t like waiting.

9. I don’t think ______________________________.

10. ______________________________, Frank looked up and saw the bus driver.










1. Would you play the lead guitar?

2. Would you sit still and do nothing?

3. Would you travel by plane?

4. Would you like something to drink?

5. Would you invite him to your birthday?



  1. If I had a cat, I would call her Molly.

2. You wouldn’t like the countryside if you lived there.

3. Max’s parents would buy a bigger car if they had more money.

4. Celia wouldn’t be so tired if she didn’t go out every night.

5. How long would you wait for someone if they were late?


1. Andrew wouldn’t be such a boring person if he didn’t work all the time.

2. If I had a dictionary, I would look the word up.

3. I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.

4. If the phone battery wasn’tdead, Greg would call me.

5. My parents would be angry if I left school.



1. The earthquake was so strong that it caused a tsunami.

2. Temperatures would be so low that nothing would grow.

3. 1816 was so cold that people called it “the year without a summer”.

4. There would be so much ash that it would block out the sun.

5. There was so much dust in the atmosphere that people didn’t see the sun for weeks.


1. eruption       2. production       3. poisonous       4. infectious      5. easy


Subject pronoun Object pronoun Reflexive pronoun










you (plural)




1. her  2. them            3. it                  4. herself             5. themselves        6. him



1. the               2. /                   3. a                  4. /                   5. an


1. raw            2. dye              3. craters               4. diseases                5. dust

6. sting          7. bite                8.  impatient         9. that’s a good idea          10. startled

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