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I) Read the text and answer the questions:

Prague is a city in the west central part of the Czech Republic and is the capital and largest city of the country. It is situated on both sides of the Vltava River. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful capitals in Europe, with a population of nearly 1,300,000. It is also an educational and cultural centre – it has the oldest university in central Europe, Charles University, which was founded in 1348. The city also has many museums, libraries, and theatres. Since 1989, Prague has become a very popular tourist destination.

            The Old Town, which was built in the 13th century, is the main tourist attraction. The New Town is where all the public buildings, shops and banks are. On the western side of the river is the part of the city called the Lesser Town, with a number of baroque palaces and Hradcany Castle, where the President of the Czech Republic lives. Next to the castle is the Church of Saint Vitus.

            In the past, Prague was the capital of Bohemia and during the 14th century became the largest European city after Paris. It was damaged during several wars and changed hands many times until it became the capital of the independent Czech Republic in January 1993.

1. Where is the Vltava River?

2. How many people live in Prague?

3. What’s the most famous university called?

4. What places are there for tourists to visit?

5. What happened in the 13th century?

6. What can you find in the New Town?

7. Who lives in Hradcany Castle?


II) Write the dates:

1/1                   14/4                 8/5                   30/6                 5/12

III)  Write in, on or at :                                                                   

1.  _____ January

2. _____  noon

3. ______Monday

4.  ______ Christmas

5.  ______ New Year’s Day

IV    Complete with the appropriate verb form.

1.   If I __________ (go) shopping on Saturday, I __________(buy) a new dress.

2.  If the weather ________ (be) good at the weekend, we _________ (take) a hike.

3.  She __________(be) very unhappy, if the bullies _________(call) her names.

4.  If it ____________(not stop) raining, Jack _________(stay) indoors.

5.  We ____________(miss) the bus, if you ________(not hurry).


V) Future time:

1. This time next month, I (lie) on the beach.

2. A: You’ve just missed the last train.

B: Never mind. I (walk).

3. I (play) bridge tonight with Tom and Ann.

4. I (light) a fire because it’s very cold.

5. I’m hungry. I (eat) a huge meal tonight.

6. It’s a serious injury, but he (walk) again in six weeks.

7. A: Why have you put those bags in the car?

  B: I (drive) my dad to the airport tonight.

8. I think the world (be) a better place.


VI) Fill in:UNIT 2, Lessons: A, B, C, D,

                   Extra Success D

panel      arrangement      slap      competitors     weightlifting      blue     shake off            straightaway     town hall          ought to      production    shopping mall


1. There are lots of shops here. A __

2. The local government is here. The __

3. If you feel__, it means that you’re unhappy or sad.

4. The body clock controls the __ of hormones.

5. __ means at once, immediately.

6. I made an__ to go swimming with a friend.

7. All the__ say they are going to work as hard as they can to win.

8. Each week they will be judged by a __ of experts and given a score.

9. __ means the same as should.

10. If you want to do some heavy exercise, like aerobics or__, you should do it at 6pm because your energy level is high.


KEY                                                                     TOTAL: 40 POINTS

I)         1. In the middle of Prague.

2. Nearly 1,300,000.

3. Charles University.

4. Museums, Hradcany Castle, Church of Saint Vitus

5. The Old Town was built.

6. Public buildings, shops and banks.

7. The President.



II)        1. the first of January   2. the fourteenth of April  3.  the eighth of May  4.   the thirtieth of June

5. the fifth of December

III)      1. in     2. at     3. on     4. at      5. on    6. in


IV)      1. go, will buy (‘ll buy)

2. is, will take (‘ll take)

3. will be (‘ll be), call

4. doesn’t stop, will stay

5. will miss (‘ll miss), don’t hurry

V)        1. This time next month, I’ll be lying on the beach.

2. A: You’ve just missed the last train.

B: Never mind. I’ll walk.

3. I’m playing/I’m going to play bridge tonight with Tom and Ann.

4. I’m going to light a fire because it’s very cold.

5. I’m hungry. I’m going to eat a huge meal tonight.

6. It’s a serious injury, but he’ll be walking again in six weeks.

7.  A: Why have you put those bags in the car?

               B: I‘m driving my dad to the airport tonight.

8. I think the world will be a better place.



VI)      1. shopping mall     2. town hall     3. blue     4. production     5. straightaway

6. arrangement     7. competitors     8. panel     9. ought to     10. weightlifting

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