I)    Put the verbs in Present Simple or Present Continuous tense.

     Welcome to the football  match between Wales and France.

The two teams _____________ (come) out onto the pitch now. The Welsh players ________________ (wear) red and white, and the French players _____________( wear) blue. The French ________________ (look) the stronger team, but they _____________usually ____________ (play) well here in Cardiff. There are a lot of Welsh fans here today and the players ________________ (wave) to them. The fans ______________ (sing) Welsh songs. Everyone ____________ (like) music in Wales.

I ______________ ( think) it’s going to be a great match!


II)    Put the verbs in the Past Simple or Past Continuous tense.

As we ____________( come) here a policeman ______________(stop) us.  He  _______________ (say) that he ______________ (look) for some stolen property and ____________ (ask) if he could search the car. I ______________ (not like) the idea because the children ______________(sleep) in the back, but I _______________ (not complain.

III)    Put the verbs in the Past Simple or the Present Perfect tense.

John:    Hi, Dave. ________________( you, enjoy) the England match yesterday?

Dave:  Yes, I did. ___________________(you, ever, be) to an international match?

John:   No. I _________________(see) them on TV lots of times. How           ______________ (you, get) the tickets?

Dave:   Somebody at work _________________(give) them to my dad last week.


Clare:    Hi, Matty. I love your bag. How long _________________ (you, have) it?

Matty:   Thanks. I ________________ (buy) it a couple of days ago. It ___________ (not be) expensive.


IV)     Write a, an or the where necessary.

1.    _________ amazing thing happened to me yesterday.

2.    Einstein left Germany and lived in ________ States until he died in 1955.

3.    Generally speaking, _________boys are physically stronger than girls.

4.    Bill enjoys reading ________  mystery novels.

5.    He is ______ really good person.

6.    ________ girl that I told you about is standing over there.

7.    I like ______ acting.

8.    Come in, please, and shut _____  door.

V)      Write the opposites of the adjectives.

cheerful          ________________      tall                __________________

mean               ________________       horrible        __________________

overweight      _________________     handsome    ___________________

funny              _________________      plain             __________________

VII) Fill in: UNIT 1, LESSONS: A, B, C, D                                                          


torn       exchange       gorgeous       cracked       verbal       dead       expelled           flat                 funny             honest           heart-broken        overweight

1. My bike light doesn’t work. The battery’s ______________________________.

2. The engine’s making a ______________________________ noise.

3. You can’t ride a bike with _____________________________ tyres.

4. She looked ______________________________ in her wedding dress. She was so beautiful.

5. My dad’s______________________________. He has to go on a diet.

6. I had to wear my jacket, because my shirt was______________________________.

7. In the end, the bullies were ______________________________from school.

8. A: Would you like to______________________________ that DVD?

B: No. Could I have a refund, please?

9. John was ______________________________when his pet dog died.

10. The opposite of physical is ______________________________.






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